A Career in Business Services

Business services are intangible goods and services that are primarily consumed by organizations, as opposed to individual consumers. They include everything from basic utilities such as an electricity connection to consulting services offered by law firms and top-level strategy work such as mergers and acquisitions. Business service companies often employ a variety of models to manage costs, risks and customer demand. For example, some companies offer infrastructure as a service, whereby customers pay for computing equipment on a utility model that includes management, maintenance and support. Other businesses offer products as a service, whereby a product such as a car or medical device is offered for a recurring fee together with a management and maintenance contract.

In addition to creating an innovative and compelling business model, managers of successful business services companies must deal with several unique challenges that are different from those facing product-oriented businesses. They must develop creative ways to manage the production of their services, which can be much more expensive than manufacturing and selling physical goods. They also must deal with the fact that their services are often viewed by customers as co-produced and therefore not subject to the same pricing rules as consumer products. They also must manage the fact that they can be disrupted by new technologies, competitors and customer demand.

The most common business services include outsourcing, consulting and facility management. Outsourcing refers to the transfer of an entire business process, capability or program from a provider to a customer for a fee. Consulting services are a broad category that includes a wide range of activities, from providing advice and insight to helping a company plan for the future. Some types of consulting services are strategic, while others focus on operational issues such as customer service and quality improvement.

A facility management service, for instance, is a type of business service that provides a building or complex with cleaning, maintenance, security and other functions. This can be a very effective way for a business to cut its costs while maintaining or increasing productivity.

Other business services include the delivery of professional and technical services such as legal counsel, IT assistance and training. These types of services can be very valuable to an organization and are offered by a number of different types of firms, from law firms to IT consulting companies.

A career in business services is a great choice for people who are interested in working with other people and creating a positive experience for them. The qualifications for a job in this field can vary from a high school diploma and a strong work ethic to a bachelor’s degree in business administration or related fields. The work environment can be challenging and fast-paced, but it can be rewarding for those who enjoy working with a variety of people and helping them achieve their goals.