Business Services

Business services

Business services are various activities that help businesses, but don’t deliver a tangible product. For example, a company may need animal control or pest extermination services to help prevent infestations. This industry encompasses a vast array of activities, and the companies that provide them offer many benefits to their customers.

The business services industry includes a broad range of activities, from marketing and consultation to logistics (including travel and facilities), waste handling, staffing, shipping, and administrative services to name just a few. These services can be provided by a variety of companies, ranging from large multinational firms to small locally owned businesses.

People who work in this sector often enjoy the flexibility of working remotely, which can be particularly attractive to parents with young children or other dependents. Additionally, jobs in this sector can be incredibly diverse and offer a wide range of opportunities for those who have the right skills and passions.

The demand for jobs in this sector has been increasing as more companies outsource their non-product-related functions to third parties. According to a study by Statista, the supersector of professional and business services will grow by 2.1% annually through 2030. The study also found that job opportunities will be most concentrated in the areas of management and administration, information technology, human resources, and marketing and sales.

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