MBA in Business Services

Business services are activities that benefit a company without producing a physical product. They include support work such as human resources, IT, accounting, waste management and payroll, as well as professional services such as law and marketing. The success of a service-oriented business depends on getting four things right: design, value, organization and customer satisfaction. Students earning an MBA in Business Services learn to craft profitable service businesses through this approach.

While a company can do its own internal service work, it is often more efficient to hire professionals to handle the task. That’s because it eliminates the need to train employees on how to perform certain tasks and frees up staff to focus on other projects, such as sales and innovation.

Many companies need insurance services, such as for life and health policies for their employees and commercial property for its offices and stores. These services also help reduce a business’ financial burdens by paying for damages resulting from disasters like natural disasters and fires.

In addition, companies need maintenance service professionals to address problems such as pest infestations, which can affect employee safety and cause health code violations. These experts are available to fix issues quickly and efficiently. Some companies even hire childcare service providers to offer in-office child care, so employees can maintain a healthy work-life balance. Utility service companies provide essentials like water, electricity and gas to keep a company running smoothly and efficiently.

The most important thing a service-oriented business must do is design its services to meet customer needs in the best possible way. That’s because the success or failure of a service business often comes down to how customers perceive its offerings – for example, a fast-food customer who dithers at a counter can delay service for everyone behind him.

In order to succeed in a business services job, you need to have excellent interpersonal skills and be able to work with people from diverse backgrounds. You must also be detail-oriented and able to communicate clearly and concisely. Some of the more demanding jobs in this category involve working with tight deadlines and under pressure. If you don’t have the ability to thrive in a high-stress environment, this is not the career path for you.

Those who want to work in a business services role can pursue jobs such as shipping, administrative support, janitorial and waste management. To qualify for these roles, you typically need a high school diploma and some experience in your field of choice. If you’re interested in a more specialized role, such as IT service desk analyst, you may need a bachelor’s degree.

If you enjoy a fast-paced and challenging work environment, a career in business services could be an excellent fit for you. However, you should consider that the job can be stressful and requires you to have strong interpersonal communication skills to build relationships with clients. Some business service jobs are virtual, which offers you the flexibility to choose when and where you work.