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It’s easy to lose sight of the importance of local journalism in this new age of globalization and technological disruption. But in this fascinating and necessary book, Andrew Conte takes us on a journey through the stages of grief as one town’s newspaper dies—and then, in the face of such tragic loss, begins to rebuild. The story of the city of McKeesport in southwestern Pennsylvania is a useful model for other communities struggling to maintain their own local newspapers.

Each of the more than 200 articles in this collection includes a comprehension question that helps students understand what they read, as well as a critical thinking question. Each article also features background and resources that help give students a more thorough understanding of the issue.

The articles in this database are sourced from the ProQuest Historical Newspapers databases. In addition to the complete text and page images of the original publication, these databases contain supplementary material such as indexes, tables of contents, and transcripts of selected articles. They provide researchers with a wide variety of research materials for many areas of interest, including American history, ethnic and minority studies, and the history of business, science, technology, medicine, law, religion, education, agriculture, sports, and public affairs.

These collections provide access to full-text articles and page images from the ProQuest Historical Newspapers database. They include newspapers from the United States and Canada as well as from other countries, such as Australia and South Africa. In addition to the daily edition of The New York Times, they also include a range of local and regional titles from the U.S. – from major metropolitan areas to small towns and rural areas.

A good headline will grab the reader’s attention, evoking emotion or creating curiosity. It will also tell the readers what to expect in the body of the article. A good way to organize a news article is by using a timeline or graphic to show the progression of an event or phenomenon.

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